About Nan

I offer narrative encouragement.

Over the last five years, I've facilitated writing and storytelling workshops for hundreds of people, including cancer survivors, high school students, homeless writers and survivors of domestic violence. I offer an ongoing schedule of writing practices here at my River Writing studio in Salt Lake City. 

I'm currently revising a dual-voiced memoir with my daughter Beatrice Washburn: the story of parenting a transgender girl who survived to become herself through the perils of a misgendered adolescence. As a mother and an unabashed ally, I know that true stories can save us.

I spent many of my grown-up years as a miller and baker of whole-grain bread. I learned something about process by milling the wheat. I acquired some patience while waiting for the loaves to rise. 

Authentic expression matters in every realm, from our sacred rituals to our daily business—from weddings to websites. Our stories author our experience; they are a potent force for good or ill. Stories shape the lives of  individuals and communities: our families and colleagues—our religions, tribes and nations. Your stories matter. Our work together will help you find and foster your voice. You can rely on me to encourage you to say the truest thing you can say.

The essential qualities of good story work are curiosity, clarity, compassion, and courage. Together, we’ll invite them all to the table.

If you would like to work with me individually, please use this application to share some information about yourself and what you are called to write. If you prefer to write with a group, consider River Writing or other workshops.

My hourly rate for narrative consulting is $150. In my experience, committed writers will make meaningful progress on a project over the course of three meetings. I provide support, reflection and accountability, but in the end it's up to you to do the work. 

Apply for Story Work

After my first River Writing group, I decided to dig deeper and take private sessions with Nan. Inspired by her buoyant spirit and encouraged by her fearless yet compassionate approach to writing, I am learning to move through my limiting self-judgments and attune to the stories only I can tell. Nan is a true treasure and a gift to this community. I look forward to my next series with her.
- Leigh Stevens
I can't say enough about Nan. Nan helped me prep my TEDx speech and after just one session, I left her office feeling like she was the one of the best investments I'd ever made. She has an uncanny ability to take stories and pull out the gems, making your stories true works of art.
-Baya Voce
Relationships Curator
"The Art of Connection" web series
Synchronicity and a series of events led me to Nan Seymour and her narrative consulting services. In the fall of 2016 I had a manuscript. I sought a guide and a mentor to help me polish and fine tune my book. I found those gifts and more with Nan. I felt at ease immediately during our first phone consultation and chose to opt into her one-on-one sessions. Nan’s guidance, homework, and conversational skills are enlightening. I am proud to say that my first book, Butternut to Bionic: A Resource Guide for Hip Replacement Surgery is being published, and I have achieved my childhood goal of being an author.
~Tiffany Anderson
Working with Nan on our wedding ceremony was an absolute joy. She has a special way of discovering unique details, and then worked with us to craft the most intimate ceremony. I value Nan's ability to ask thought provoking questions, and her encouragement as I write my own words.
- Derek Kitchen
Not long ago, I found myself kvetching about having to put together a short biography for a project. I asked Nan to help me. She immediately saw it as an opportunity to help others get to know me and connect with me. I was not in a place to see things clearly enough to share myself without judgment and ego. Nan was more than up for the challenge – she was genuinely excited about it. She made me excited about it! With a few well-chosen questions, she helped me craft a beautiful description that told the story of me and my work.
-Eric Mitchell, Founder and President Fifth Ocean Consulting, LLC