Debbie Fetters

My name is Debbie Fetters. I love spending time with my husband, three adult children, and three cats, and if we can be outdoors, I love it even more. Whether in the garden, on a hiking trail near my house, or soaking up the serenity of a national park, wilderness and the natural world is where I feel most at home.

I'm looking forward to meeting my first grandchild arriving in January. I'm excited to snuggle her close, and show her the joys of dancing in the kitchen while making dinner and singing ABBA songs with fierce passion and completely off key.

I was led to River Writing by something larger than myself, I call it Love with a capital L. My first experience with RW was during a 'one night stand' two years ago, with eight people I'd never met, including the facilitator. At the end of the night, I knew I'd found a practice that my heart had been longing to experience my whole life.

My hope is to provide the same safe, honest, compassionate and courageous space for you that I've found. My hope is that through the practice of River Writing you are led to find your voice, say the truest things you can say, and feel heard, seen and held throughout the process. I hope you learn things about yourself, about community and that you feel the value and gift of attentive listening. Most especially , my hope is that through our practice of River Writing together, our capacity for kindness towards ourselves grows larger, and especially our capacity for kindness towards others, and especially towards ourselves.

Wednesday Mornings with Debbie Fetters
3 part series beginning 6/26/19
6/26, 7/31, 8/28
Tuition: $100.00
Meeting at the River Writing Studio
9A Ambassador Plaza (150 South 600 East) SLC, UT 84102
Limited to 8 participants
Apply Here for River Writing with Debbie


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