Toward Erotica with Jeannette Snyder

Jeannette writes and facilitates because writing is one of the most accessible ways regular individuals can claim sovereignty in a society dominated by the Tyranny of Institutions.  She seeks to create a brave space where each of our individual triumphs count. She finds that a regular generative writing practice is effective in uncovering true and secret desires. She’s lit up by odd food pairings that work, a subversive joke, felines, nudist hot springs, Dark Leafy Greens, joyous mischief, root vegetables, and whole-hearted listening in a circle of courageous Explorers of the Inner World. 

Toward Erotica with Jeannette Snyder
A Focused Course in River Writing
6:30pm - 8:30pm on Thursday evenings
4 weekly sessions beginning 1/31/19
1/31, 2/7, ( break for 2/14) 2/21, 2/28
Tuition: $150
Meeting at the River Writing Studio
9A Ambassador Plaza (150 South 600 East) SLC, UT 84102
Limited to 8 participants
Apply Here for Toward Erotica

Course Description:
Sexual energy is life force energy. It’s been bastardized, marginalized, and commodified in pop culture. Sex is used to sell everything from kitchen gadgets to hamburgers to office equipment. Then why are we quieted from expressing our own primitive nature? Why are we still hushed from speaking desire?

“To believe in joy and love in the face of a dominating reality of fear and violence is a powerfully subversive act. And the more voices that affirm their own vision of what is sacred and beautiful, the more defiantly authentic a culture we can create.” —alphachanneling

Candor about taboo subjects is revolutionary.

At this table, we’ll dedicate time, energy, and effort to the joy, pleasure, funk, weirdness and stickiness of bare bodies. Join our small revolution as we write to restore the ownership of pleasure and sensuality to the rightful owners: us


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