prayer of praise from queer poetry night at laziz kitchen

(co-created on 9/26/21)

praise expressive eyebrows
praise truth, praise foundation

praise the space tonight
praise quivering knees

praise smile-creases
praise the raw beauty of voice
praise subtle ferocity in the words of strangers
praise souls who prioritize being themselves

praise sitting still
praise chatter of tongue and teeth
praise hearing the poetry of someone i care about for the first time
i taste home, yet i don’t know what this is called in english

praise wanting someone to help me move the fridge
praise the need for touch so strong
that arm hair bridges the gap
praise five fingers on my chest and feeling held

praise quiet comfort
praise a spark of compassionate passion for myself
praise a sign i should get a haircut i’ve been too afraid to get
i am. i am. i am. praise bravery

praise tea that tastes like the heart of a flower
praise heavy rain which drives into the sea
praise the Great Salt Lake, gracious and beautiful
yet treacherous beneath

praise the art of losing 

praise sitting next to a new love
praise grief in one hand and gratitude in the other
praise hob on moudi’s back and love on his face

praise the feeling of love
praise the verbal, public expressions of love
praise rainbows
praise cats and pizza

praise smiles and brave eyes
praise eyes that will never meet
praise friendship, praise courageous otherness
praise the way i felt when the crowd smiled at me

in the rubble, pillars stood among the debris.

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