a praise poem from friends of toad hall editions

Peanut & kerning at the breakfast table Peanut & kerning at the breakfast table

evening light fades
a praise poem, in celebration of kerning
by 27 friends of Toad Hall Editions

praise the light filtered across these latitude lines
praise a seventy degree breeze
tussling the changing leaves
praise orchids in bloom:
large peachy pink with purple faces
praise black ink on white paper
praise wind chimes
speaking louder as the wind picks up
praise white paint cracked and bubbled
making a desk like home
praise heat from the inside
cheeks glowing from all the smiling
praise the candle burning low and sputtering
praise a cold-water plunge
praise the thought of soup and biscuits
praise wine to celebrate
praise voices filling my otherwise quiet apartment
praise a diamond thin slime trail left by a slug
praise the tiniest glimmering footprint
praise the early dark
praise the reflection of light on pillows in my window
beckoning me to bed to read
praise swimming in the ocean in october
praise the feel of super wash merino wool yarn in my hands
praise goulash on the stove, lavender in the air, poesy in the room
praise binky black cat, rain-damp for the first time this drought year
praise rain! praise end of drought! hallelujah!
praise warm yellow walls
praise the ground from which you walk, it flies in you
praise the way this otherwise empty room resounds
evening light fades
but the heart is full


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