Sin Ti by Jasmine Hennigs-Cornell

                    SIN TI

Sentada a tus orillas
Contemplamos vida
Espejo que reflejas
Sal de la tierra
Escondida en el agua
Serena, blanca.
Evaporada flor cristal
Nos envuelves  en tu manto
Dulce madre.

Refugias aves
habitas mi ser.
No te vayas...
Sin ti, las palabras no sirven
Sin ti, la estampida del bisonte desaparece
Las semillas no dan de comer al pájaro...
Sin ti, no salmuera ni camarón
Sin ti...
Sin ti, otro cementerio y carretera,
Sin ti...


                WITHOUT YOU 

Sitting at your shoulder
Sitting with you
Reflecting, mirror of  life...
Salt of earth
Hidden in the waters
Serene, white .
Evaporated flower crystal
You sustain us with humid breath

Shelter of life
Don't  go away...
Without you, words  mean nothing
Without you
No stamping bison,
No seeds, no birds
Without you no fairy shrimp
Without you...
Without you another cemetery highway.
Without you...

Note from the poet: "Great Salt Lake, is Life. I belong to life...We are related. Is this answering my relation to the lake? There are some birds that every year fly from Great Salt Lake to Mar Chiquita, Cordoba, Argentina. Every year they migrate. I was born in Cordoba. I live somehow in both places....I don't have feathers, but I do..."

This verse is part of the collective praise poem: irreplaceable



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