A Wonder and a Friend by Scarlett & Riel

If we lose our lake, we lose our identity.
If we lose our lake, we turn into just a city.
If I lost my name, I would turn into just a girl.
We need the life that thrives
in her wind rippled pockets.
We all need the birds that soar overhead.
We need the brine in her waters to call this lake home.
We need this lake.

Great Salt Lake is part of us!
Great Salt Lake is a wonder and a friend.
You wouldn’t hesitate to help a friend
so why would you hesitate to help the lake?
What would Salt Lake City be without Great Salt Lake?
We would be the Salty Crater!
Great Salt Lake has always been there for us,
so why can’t we be there for her?

Scarlett Nunez (age 14) and Riel Canales (age 12) are good friends who participated together in the River Writing workshop on Antelope Island on 1/29/22. A room full of writers listened in respect as they read these brave and true words.