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The Seven Agreements of River Writing

The Seven Agreements of River Writing

1. Non-Judgement:
We agree to practice for the sake of practice without criticism, praise, or apology. We grant ourselves permission to write wildly and perhaps badly, and even to fail! We write to discover, not to craft, claim, fix, or prove. We offer the inner-critic a break from vigilance. We rest from the joy-stealing realm of comparison. We commit to no crosstalk or comments, especially praise.

2. Shared Responsibility:
Each participant will take responsibility for the energy they bring to the circle. We will create a community defined by radical, authentic inclusion. We agree that everyone matters, those within this circle, and those without. Everyone. We speak and act accordingly: without racism, sexism, nationalism, abilism, agism, fat phobia, homophobia, transphobia or other forms of bias. If we stumble in this realm, we acknowledge our mistakes and apologize. When language fails as it will inevitably, we will work diligently to find better speech. When we stumble, let us stumble toward each other.

3. Confidentiality & Consent:
We agree to keep all that is shared in the circle within it. If we wish to speak with another participant about their writing, we ask for permission first. We agree that it is always fine to decline. We will not ask during a session, even at the break or on the way out the door, as that is often too soon. We agree not to offer unsolicited advice. 

4. Self Care:
We agree to take care of our own physical and emotional needs. While we a creating a brave space which is safer than most, we are still ultimately responsible for managing our own level of disclosure.

5. Honesty:
We agree to say the truest thing we can say within our chosen level of disclosure. We agree to come as we are, to do our best to ditch our scripts and worn-out stories, and to write from the here and now.

6. Listening with the Heart:
We agree to listen whole-heartedly, without judgement, and with attentive curiosity. When someone is reading or speaking, we will give ourselves over to luxury of listening without the worry of what to say next. We practice listening in a way that as open and receptive as the face of an owl. On an inner level, we agree to actively pull for the one who is speaking, hoping they will feel buoyed by a tide of tenderness.

7. Kindness:
We agree to practice radical kindness with each other and with ourselves. We agree to practice including ourselves in the circle of kindness we are helping to create, to bless the vessel that brought us to the table by stepping into any love and light we radiate.

Permission granted to copy and utilize these agreements anywhere and everywhere they may be of benefit! Please cite as your source.


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