Composing the World We Already Love

The active, collective work of imagining our bright future and bringing it into being. 

A focused course for initiated participants which includes River Writing from prompts inspired by asssigned weekly reading. Together we'll design and conduct experiments. We'll practice in the world and report back to each other. Supported by a container of deep collaborative learning, we'll fully engage in the joyful work of composing the world we already love. 

  • Beginning on Friday April 3rd 4-7pm
  • Meeting every 2 weeks: 4/3, 4/17, 5/1, 5/15, 5/29, 6/12, 6/26, 7/10, (not on 7/24) 8/7, 8/21, 9/4 from 4-7pm at Studio 9A Ambassador Plaza, 150 South 600 East, SLC 
  • Limited to 8 participants
  • Tuition on a sliding scale $700-$900 ( A $400 non-refundable deposit will reserve your place, balance due before we begin on 4/3.)
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 Eleven Lessons
(May shift shape along the way in response to the actual, living world.)

  1. Coming to Know our Interbeing
  2. Listening to the Alive Earth
  3. Articulating Possibility: The Playful Work of Theory
  4. Questioning Story and Authority
  5. Conversing with the Mythopoetic
  6. Inhabiting Borderlands
  7. Authentic Inclusion
  8. Peace-Making 
  9. Inhabiting Freedom
  10. Not Knowing/ Not Doing 
  11. Loving Specifically

 We will be reading bell hooks, Charles Eisenstein, Mark Nepo, Deena Metzger, Joy Harjo, Gloria Anzaldúa, Umberto Eco, Brian Doyle, Rumi, Rebecca Solnit, Ellen Bass, Jericho Brown, and many others. 

Asked Questions: 

1. How do I know if I'm called to participate in this course? Your heart hums with holy excitement and curiosity when you read about it. Something inside you leans forward when you consider the work of articulating the bright future. You're a little scared like I am, and yet still eager to help create the world you already love. You want to do it in community. You are willing to show up imperfectly.

2. What if I have to miss a class or two? In an eleven week course, most folks will because of travel and life and so on. I'll voice record each session. When you are away, you will be encouraged to read and write with us from afar, and to keep up the work of composing the more beautiful world.

3. How will I know how much tuition to pay on the sliding scale? Contribute what you can, beyond your comfort zone, but not in your panic zone. Show up in the stretch zone which is the place of growth past comfort but not in fear. This work will require dedicated resources, not just of treasure, but also time and talent

4. What kind of reading will be required between sessions? 10-20 pages of reading, usually an essay or book excerpt, and always some poetry. Our writing prompts will be taken from these assignments. You will still be able to participate in a session if you haven't read, but it will be more rewarding to come to prepared. Additionally, I will be teaching from a book list. (Roughly a third of them are pictured above.)  I recommend that you plan to read at least one or two of these books. I'll be prepared to dive in with you, as deeply as you like.

5. Will we actually be able to change the world? Yes, because everything we do matters. Our words make a difference. No act of love is insignificant. Together we will tip the balance towards love.