River Writing

Tired of working alone? Creativity craves company. Join us at the writing table for a round of River Writing!

What is River Writing?

An opportunity to witness and be witnessed, a writing practice, and a courage class. We keep our pens moving on the page as we write together with abandon, with no intention of making it good. Shamelessly shunning spelling and syntax, we invite words to flow unobstructed from a river of inner-narrative. After writing, we read to each other without preface or apology. No caveats. No comments. We listen to each other without offering praise or criticism.

Why Would I Dare it? 

To find and foster your voice. To practice showing up imperfectly. To practice speaking without apology.  Because your particular witness has never been more needed in the world. Because your details matter. Because you never know who your story is for. River Writing is a vessel for growing connection, compassion, and kindness. Come to connect, to create more kindness.

Who is it For? 

You probably, since you're still reading. Especially if you often wish you were writing, but don't often write. You don't need to consider youself a writer, all you need is pen and paper, and just enough courage to get here. We offer a warm and welcoming table. We’ll write by hand. Your inner-critic is kindly invited to stay home.

River Writing Series for Summer 2019

Wednesday Mornings with Debbie Fetters
3 part series beginning 6/26/19
6/26, 7/31, 8/28
Tuition: $100.00
Meeting at the River Writing Studio
9A Ambassador Plaza (150 South 600 East) SLC, UT 84102
Limited to 8 participants
About Debbie
Apply Here for River Writing with Debbie

Wednesday Mornings ONLINE with Tiffany Burns
7:30am- 9:00 am MST
8 weekly sessions beginning 6/26
6/26, 7/3, 7/10 no class 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/7, 8/14, 8/21
Tuition $250
Meetings online via a zoom link
Limited to 10 participants
About Tiffany
Apply here for River Writing with Tiffany

"Sitting down at the writing table feels like coming home. I have learned so much through River Writing about vulnerability, bravery, healing, and allowing myself to be seen, all of which has been so tenderly supported by Nan and the other writers. I am so very grateful to be the recipient of a scholarship, given anonymously by another writer, that has enabled me to continue to grow in this practice. What an absolute gift to be part of such a generous and love-filled community."
~Chloe Skidmore

“I’ve participated in several sessions of River Writing and I keep coming back for more! Nan has created a beautiful space where creative expression is allowed to thrive in a completely judgement free environment. I leave each session inspired by both my fellow writers and the wonderful poems that Nan shares as prompts. This practice has improved my writing, expanded my creativity, helped heal emotional wounds, and introduced me to some of the most amazing people I know.”
 -Alex Adams

" I am writing into what I don't know. I long for conversations between myself and others, others who are more like me than different. I come here to this writing table to commune with other seekers of truth. River Writing...what a gift! I come with so much uncertainty. What will come up from the depths of my fatigue and loneliness? I fear it only slightly and yet I am curious to know, to hear, to open to what is waiting to come forth."
~Jill McQueen

"I’ve always thought of myself as a writer, deep down, but have not had a regular writing practice. Whether I end up writing on my own or not, my two hours at Nan’s table every week make me feel like I am a real writer now. The spontaneity of River Writing brings up things I wouldn’t have guessed were on my mind. The no-comment policy makes for a richer, more meaningful sharing than a typical writers’ workshop format where works-in-progress are evaluated and critiqued. None of that! Just pure creative flow. I love this practice!"  -MaryBeth Jarvis-Clark

"River Writing is an inspiration to anyone who aspires to craft words from a place of comfort, safety, and deep within. Nan demystifies the writer's angst, and sets you up to come out with big, bold, personal energy in every word. I am so grateful for the opportunity to write with Nan's soulful guidance!”  
-Steven Rosenberg