Caldera Retreat Directions & Information 2021

The Nature of this Retreat:

  • This is your retreat. Opt in when you want to, opt out when you want to. All activities are optional, just let us know whether or not to expect you for specific sessions. 
  • You belong in the circle, just as you are. Without question. You are good enough—at writing, at meditation, at getting to know people—all of it. Be yourself. You are enough. You have enough of whatever it takes. You are exactly who we need to complete the circle. 
  • The place itself will support you. The sky is large. The earth is generous. The birds and animals will be present with their wild invitations and gifts. You will be surrounded by beauty.

How to Get There & What to Bring

Packing List:

• Mask for travel stops, and also to wear inside if you are not vaccinated for Covid or if you would feel more comfortable wearing one.
• Yoga mat, meditation cushion, blanket and or/pillow. (We’ll have some you can use, but you may wish to bring some elements of your own set-up. We would like you to be as relaxed as possible for Yoga Nidra.)
• Hiking shoes, hat & sunglasses
• Personal water bottle with your name on it
• Personal cup for hot beverages (mug or canteen you will recognize)
• Your writing tools (a simple notebook, and a pen or pencil you will enjoy using)
• Layered clothing, including a jacket or coat. (Predicted temperatures for the week are highs in the 70s and 80s, lows in the 40s) 
• Bug spray/sunscreen
• Bear spray, if you already have some. If not we’ll have some available for your use. (There are bears in the area. The best practices for hiking: go in groups of 3 or more, make noise, and carry bear spray. Let us know when you go and when you will expect to return.)
• Binoculars for bird-watching, if you like
• Flashlight for reading around the campfire
• Beverages, if you have particular preferences. We will not be serving wine, beer or spirits  but you are welcome to bring your own to dinner and/or store some in your room for sipping around the campfire later.
• An Instrument, if you have one you might enjoy playing (including rattles and drums) 
• Something for the altar, if you like. We will build a temporary altar for our time together. Perhaps you have a photo of someone you would like to remember or item that is represents an intention. Whatever you choose to place on the altar will return home with you. 

Your Arrival at Harriman State Park:
• Arrive any time on Thursday, August 12th.
• Check in at the Scovel Center any time between 3pm and 5pm
• Cabins will be open at 3pm. Please let us know if you expect to arrive after 5pm that evening. (Call Nan at 801-450-6678 if you are delayed.)
• When you arrive, stop at the ranger station, which is the first building you will see on your left after entering. The rangers will give you a parking pass and direct you to the Scovel Center.
• See Nan at the Scovel center classroom for your key and room assignment.

Harriman State Park

3489 Green Canyon Rd
Island Park, ID 83429

Print this page and carry it with you! Cell phone service/GPS maps may not be available to you in the area on the day you are traveling.

• Heading North from Ashton, ID on Highway 20: Drive 19 miles, take a left turn at Green Canyon Road, where there is a sign for Harriman State Park.
(If you cross the river on US-20, turn back. You just missed it! If you reach Last Chance, you missed it by a few miles.)

• Follow the paved road, drive under the archway which says Harriman State Park.
• The visitor center will appear on the left. If you arrive before 5pm, check in there.
• If you arrive after 5pm, keep driving a mile past the Visitor Center down the main road, INSIDE the park. Pass the lake on your left. Take a left when you reach the fork. Enter the parking lot, the Scovel Center is the first building on your left.

• Verizon cell service works in the area, generally.
• The park does not have internet.
• Land line for ranger station: 208-558-7368 (Emergency Only)
• Nan's cell phone number: 801-450-6678
• Scott's cell phone number: 801-891-8365