The Dear Pelican Project

Until the spring of 2023, thousands of American White Pelicans nested on Gunnison Island in the North Arm of Great Salt Lake. The recently receding lake level caused a land bridge, exposing them to predators. The entire community had to abandon their nests last season. In spring of 2024, about a tenth of the refugee pelicans have returned to Gunnison Island and some are now trying to make a new home on Hat Island.  Following the lead of Mr. Josh Craner’s 6th-grade class from Emerson Elementary, we will fold over 10,000 origami American White Pelicans to show our love for them. Learn about our great-winged neighbors while helping to create a public art display to honor them.

Help us fold origami pelicans to remember our beyond human kin in exile from Gunnison Island.

  • Help us fold 10,000 pelicans!Fold pelicans and display them in your home or school.
  • Write a little letter directly to the pelicans.
  • Count the birds you made and send your final pelican count with photos of your birds and letters to before January 1st of 2025. We will keep the count.
  • The dear pelican project will be displayed in the gallery at the Main Branch of Salt Lake City Library next Winter. We'll keep you updated on the opening!

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